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Remanns has been in the industry for 30+ years and is one of the Nation's Leading Distributors of Remanufactured Engine & Transmissions for sale to the public. Remanns is solely based on the foundation of Reliability, Quality, and Performance of our Remanufactured Engine & Transmissions. Our job here at Remanns is to not only put life back into your vehicle to keep your famliy on the road, but we also want to put value back into your Car, Truck, Van, or SUV through one of our Quality Remanufactured Engine & Transmissions.

All of our Remanufactured Engine & Transmissions go through the most stringent remanufacturing process in the industry. Our Engine & Transmission Remanufacturing Process is as follows:

1.   We spin test after the painstakingly meticulous building phase to make sure we have proper oil flow and pressure, cyclinder compression, and real main seal integrity.
2.   The engine is pressure tested to assure water jacket works as intended.
3.   We replace the pistons, rings, gaskets, bearings, timing chain/belt, valves and valve springs, and freeze plugs.
4.   Cranks are turned on the latest and greatest machines and micro-polished to Original Equpiment (and better) "roughness" specs.
5.   Heads have all valve seats re-cut, resurfaced, vacuum tested after build, and pressure tested.
6.   The majority of the engines & transmissions are delivered as long block assemblies and come with a new gaskets and water pump.
7.   All blocks are align honed, bored, and cylinder honed with state of the art computerized machines to ensure the perfect finish size and taper.

1.   All transmissions are completely disassembled and cleaned.
2.   All cases are media blasted.
3.   Internal parts are inspected for wear or damage and replaced as required.
4.   All bushings are inspected and replaced as required.
5.   100% of friction components are replaced with upgraded heavy duty parts.
6.   Drum assemblies are air checked and side play is checked to assure proper clearance.
7.   100% of seals, o'rings and gaskets are replaced.
8.   100% of solenoids are checked and replaced if they do not pass duty cycle tests.
9.   Internal wiring harness are checked and replaced as necessary.
10.  Valve bodies are disassembled, cleaned, and measured for wear.
11.  Valve body valves and valve bores are inspected and valve bores are machined as required.
12.  Completed valve bodies are tested for proper operation prior to dyno testing. Transmissions are assembled, end plays are set and fasteners are torqued to the required specification.
13.  Transmissions are assembled, end plays are set and fasteners are torqued to the required specification.
14.  100% of transmissions are dynamometer tested to ensure proper pressures and shift quality throughout the operating range. All upshifts and downshifts are checked against preset parameters. Torque converter stall speed and lockup is verified on the dyno test. Transmission park locking mechanism is checked during dyno test.

Torque Converter:
1.   100% of converters are dynamic balanced.
2.   100% of pumps are furnaced brazed.
3.   100% new bearings and o'rings.
4.   100 % new springs and rollers in stator.
5.   100% new thrust washers.
6.   100% new friction liners in overdrive lockup converters.
7.   Converter endplay and hub/pump runout and diameter is checked.

We at are confident with our remanufactured process and our trained technicians who hand check each engine/transmission if they meet or surpass the factory specifications.

Remanns quality Sales & Customer Service is available from Mon - Fri 8AM-8PM, Saturday 10AM-6PM Central Time to assist you in your purchase of a remanufactured engine or transmissions.  ASE Certified Representatives are on staff that may assist you in any inquires you may have about our remanufactured engines & transmissions for your vehicle.  If you already have a Quote #, you may simply fill out our Contact form and we will respond as soon as possible, usually within 1 to 2 business days. If you have not yet completed our quote form, which we recommend you submit for the best possible customer service experience, and you still have questions, we welcome your call toll-free @ 1-844-774-4753 during our normal business hours (M-F 8am-8pm, Sat. 10am-6pm). If you are a current customer and you have an Invoice #, the best way to contact us is via our Support Ticket system in your customer account portal.  Please let us know what we can do to help you with the Remanufactured Engine & Transmission buying process today!

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