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Frequently Asked Questions

Q →How do I know if you have the remanufactured engine/transmission I need in stock?
A: The quickest and best way to check to see if we have your engine/transmission available is to Get An Instant Quote.
Q →How do I place an order for the reman engine/transmission I need?
A: Once you have submitted the quote form, if your engine/transmission is in stock you will receive the price and part details & a link to checkout online. You may also give our knowledgeable and friendly sales technicians a call toll-free @ 1-844-774-4753 during our normal business hours.
Q →How do your engines/transmissions "Exceed or Match OEM Specs" as you claim?
A: Every remanufactured engine/transmission we sell is reverse engineered to ensure that all original factory defects, if any, are removed. This means the engine/transmission you receive from us is actually "better than new" - ! This saves you time and money and keeps your vehicle on the road and out of the shop. Advancements in remanufacturing technology in the years since the OEM engine/transmission design means a remanufacturer can add improvements which will produce a more efficient and durable engine/transmission. Our engines are manufactured under ISO 9001:2000 standards and are Gold Seal certified. Our engines/transmission are simply unbeatable in terms of quality and hold to the absolute highest industry standards.
Q →Is your FREE 5 Year, Unlimited Mile Nationwide Warranty really NO FAULT?
Yes! IF the engine/transmission you purchase is installed at a licensed repair shop, it is not a Do-It-Yourself (DIY) install, and you purchased after 9-14-20 then we offer NO FAULT warranty coverage (5 Years for Engines and 3 Years for Transmissions). If it is a DIY install, coverage policies will not allow no fault protection, however we still offer you a comprehensive Standard warranty package with the exact same coverage term length. In case you are doing comparison shopping vs. our competition, allow us to save you the trouble and look no further: you will not find a better engine/transmission warranty package anywhere in the good ol' U.S. of A, period!
Q →What do I need to do after I've placed my order and signed my invoice?
A: Absolutely nothing; we will take it from here! Once you purchase, we will provide you with free access to your registered account portal. Here you will have access to helpful post-purchase tools such as Invoice Signing, Order Info/Status and Tracking, Core Return, Warranty Claim, Support Ticket system, and more!
Q →How long will it take to receive my remanufactured engine/transmission?
A: In most cases, we will have your order on the way to you the next business day or 2 after you place your order and have signed your invoice. You should receive your engine/transmission within 5 to 10 business days from the date of your order; many times even sooner. Please allow additional time during periods of high volume or unusual circumstances. We send your engine via leading nationwide freight carriers such as R&L Carriers and Old Dominion etc.
Q →Is Shipping really FREE?
A: Yes! If you are delivering to a Commercial address in the Continental U.S., then Shipping is always 100% Free! Please add a $125 freight fee for Residential delivery. If you are shipping to AK or HI please add $400 freight. Shipments to AK or HI waive the $125 Residential fee, in this case only the $400 freight applies. Many of our competitors will charge you for shipping your engine regardless, even to a Commercial address. We are not buying any of what THEY are selling with that, and neither should you! You are much better off buying what we are selling, of course! :)
Q →What is the difference between remanufactured and recycled (used) engines/transmissions?
A: Recycled (used) parts are used OEM parts that are inspected for functionality. These parts have been pulled from salvaged vehicles and are reusable and in working condition. Used engines/transmissions, once inspected to be in suitable condition for re-sale and cleaned, are generally sold as-is. Remanufactured OEM parts, on the other hand, are machine repaired and restored to like-new or better-than-new condition and functionality. These parts are completely dismantled and reassembled to its original blueprints and exact specifications. Our remanufactured engines/transmisssions are tested to original equipment standards and will meet or exceed those standards each and every time.

Here is what "Remanufactured" is NOT: do not confuse it with Rebuilt, Restored, Recycled, Repaired, Reconditoned or Used. Many of these terms are often mistakenly used interchangeably for "Remanufactured"; but none equal the superior quality standards of the remanufacturing process.
Q →What is the process you perform for remanufacturing?
A: You'll find good information about our engine remanufacturing process RIGHT HERE.
Q →What is the difference between remanufactured and rebuilt?
A: "Rebuilt" is a term that is often used incorrectly in place of "Remanufactured." The "rebuilt" process, however, is generally thought of as being quite inferior and not nearly as thorough and complete as that of the "remanufactured" process. Rebuilding generally makes greater use of serviceable parts rather than the use of new parts like remanufacturing does. 

To remanufacture means to make the part as close to new, or better, as possible. A remanufactured part is one that has been completely manufactured to the standard of a new part. If the part has wearable components, those are automatically replaced. All core material is closely inspected and checked against original equipment specifications for correct dimensional tolerances.

To rebuild is to recondition a part by cleaning, inspecting, and replacing only worn or broken parts. Serviceable parts are reused if they fit within the manufacturer's acceptable wear limits. The quality of rebuilt components is largely inconsistent and varies greatly from one rebuilder to another.

Professional installers choose remanufactured parts 4:1 over the next leading engine replacement option. Remanufactured parts offer economic and environmental options and benefits without compromising quality. No other alternatives offer a "birth certificate", if you will, like remanufactured engines do: each tested engine has a unique Serial number just like a brand new engine would.
Q →Are remanufactured engines/transmissions "green"?
A: No, actually most of them are metallic-color. :) But in all seriousness, if you are asking whether they are environmentally friendly, well YES indeed they are! There are definite environmental benefits to recycling and remanufacturing vehicle parts such as engines/transmissions. Not only does recycling and remanufacturing keep useful materials out of landfills, the process requires fewer natural and non-renewable resources, produces less greenhouse gas emissions, and uses less energy. So go reman, and go green!
Q →Why should I buy a remanufactured engine/transmission?
A: Aside from its superior quality compared to the alternatives, one of the main reasons to buy a remanufactured engine/transmission is the economic value it provides. In the 1970's the average family spent 25% of its household income to buy a new car. Today, with the average new car costing $30,000, they have to spend 60% of their income. The cost of used cars today, at an average over $18,000, adds to the difficulty of the average family trying to upgrade their cars economically.

With the improved quality of today's bodies and chassis, replacing the engine makes economic sense. With a reasonable investment, you can repower your vehicle with a remanufactured engine/transmission that has been returned to original equipment specifications. You can expect performance and durability to equal or exceed that of the original engine/transmission. Many remanufacturers offer warranties that range from one to three years. Ours is even longer than any of our competitors, 5 Years and Unlimited Miles on our engines, and it is no fault, free and nationwide.

The useful life of vehicles has greatly increased in recent years. At the same time, the primary cause of engine/transmission failure is poor maintenance or critical sub-component failure, meaning that a vehicle with a failed engine likely still has many serviceable years ahead of it. Our engines/transmission have been remanufactured back to like-new quality, so you can add years of useful life to your automotive at a fraction of the cost of buying a new vehicle.
Q →Why should I buy from
A: Rather than toot our own horn, why not read some of our customer's horn-tooting about us, instead?
Q →How long have you been in business?
A: We are among the most experienced of industry veterans; we've been selling engines and other recycled/remanufactured parts for over 30+ years. You've come to the right place to buy an engine, without a doubt!
Q →What is the "break in procedure" for remanufactured engines/transmissions?
A: We recommend you use no synthetic oil for the first 3,000 miles. Please be sure to check oil levels at each fill up as the engine will consume 1-2 quarts during the break in period. Make sure to run the engine for 500 miles and then change the oil, then run the engine for an additional 2,500 miles and change the oil again. While driving during the break in period, please try to vary your speeds and RPMs for the first 3,000 miles, as stop and go type conditions are ideal for welcoming a new engine to the road. After 3,000 miles your engine will be ready to run normal. You may run on synthetic oil at this time if you prefer.
For Transmissions, speak with your shop mechanic, but most will agree to just drive it in a "sane" manner for the first 500 miles or so.
Q →What is my "core"?
A: A "core" is simply a rebuildable auto part which is used as a partial trade in for a new (or remanufactured) part. In our case, your core is just the current engine from your vehicle; in most cases it is the old engine that you are replacing with the remanufactured engine/transmission you purchased from us. The "core" system allows remanufacturers to have a steady supply of old, recycled engines/transmissions to run through shop processes and produce the shiny, newly remanufactured gems we are able to proudly sell to our customers. Remanufacturing is the epitome of "out with the old, in with the new" - and the core system supports this. There must be "old" in order to have "new" with remanufacturing, and this is where cores come into play.

Q →What Is a "core charge"?
A: A core charge is a standard deposit that is paid up front when an engine is purchased. This is so that the remanufacturer is able to offset the costs associated with getting another engine to remanufacture if the customer does not return their core. If you are not familiar with what a "core" is, please first read our FAQ item "What is my core?" above to familiarize yourself with the concept. 

Q →Do you have a Core Charge?
A: Yes and No. We do have a Core Charge, but we give you the option to Waive the Core Charge for 30 days. However, if you neglect to schedule a Core Return within the 30-day time frame, you will be charged for the Core Charge in full. Once the Core has been returned within a Maximum of 45 days, you will receive the Core Charge amount back minus a $50.00 Processing and Handling Fee if the 30-day time frame has been exceeded.
Furthermore, the warranty will be voided if not returned within the 30-day waiver period.
Q →Do you take Cores back in any condtion?
A: No. If the Core has a Hole, Crack, has been welded or any other major damage which would render the Core unusable, this will result in a 100% forfeiture of your Core Charge even in cases where the Core Charge has been waived.
Q →Do you sell complete engines; what comes included?
A: We sell what is commonly known in the industry as "complete long block engines." These remanufactured engines contain the block with heads installed as well as gaskets & oil pump.

A long block includes the block casting with all the required machining, crankshaft, connecting rods, all new rod bearings, main bearings, pistons, rings, soft plugs, camshaft and timing. The cylinder heads which includes head casting with all the required machining, new valves, keepers, springs and seals, all new rocker arms push rods and lifters complete the assembly. The long block also includes a full set of gaskets and a new oil pump. The non-wearing parts of an engine such as the oil pan, valve covers, timing covers, and intake manifold are removed in most cases. Power steering pump, alternator, starter, and AC compressor are not included. Any non-wearing components are left on for convenience purposes only.

With our remanufactured engines, the following components are NEW: NEW Pistons, NEW Piston Pins, NEW Oil Pump or Kit, NEW Valves*, NEW Bushings*, NEW Valve Guides, NEW Cam Bearings, NEW Lifters*, NEW Piston Rings, NEW Valve Seals, NEW High?Quality Gasket Sets, NEW Fel?Pro Teflon Rear Main Seals*, NEW Rod Bearings, NEW Main Bearings, NEW Timing Gears, NEW Timing Chains, NEW Timing Belt (where applicable, not all engines), NEW Push Rods*, NEW Freeze Plugs, NEW Cam Shafts*. * = most engines

When installing an engine, the following items will be helpful to have: filters, various tune up items, distributor caps, rotors, plug wires and spark plugs, belts, radiator hoses, new water pump, new mechanical fuel pump (when applicable), thermostat and radiator cap, etc. etc. The good news is that we have you covered, because our Engine Installation Kits contain everything you need to make your engine install a success, and you can purchase one from us to make sure you are absolutely prepared!
Q →What is block casting?
A: The Block Casting Number is the number that appears on the engine block.
Q →What is crank casting?
A: The Crank Casting Number is the number that appears on the crankshaft.
Q →What is head casting?
A: The Head Casting Number is the number that appears on the engine head.
Q →What are the dimensions of the shipping package and how much does it weigh?
A: The engine is shipped in a 36in. X 36in. X 36in. package and most engine parcels we ship weigh between 300 to 600 pounds or thereabouts.
Q →What forms of payment do you accept?
A: We take MasterCard, Visa, American Express and Discover card through our website and over the phone. Wire Transfer may also be available.
Q →Do you sell to private parties or only shops/mechanics?
A: We sell to anyone who would like a quality remanufactured engine/transmission and has the money to purchase one from us; whether you are a Shop or a Do-It-Yourselfer. However, and this is not meant to discourage anyone, but please be aware that there are select benefits we only offer to anyone purchasing who plans to have their engine installed at a licensed repair shop, such as NO FAULT warranty protection and Free Shipping to the shop.
Q →Who sells the best remanufactured engines/transmissions?
A: That depends on who you ask, of course. :) If you ask our competition, they will tell you "we do." You see, they want your business, just like us. HOWEVER, they cannot tell you with a straight face that they can offer you all of this in one package, like we do: Free Shipping No Fee Core Return for 100% refund of your core charge, the one and only industry leading  Nationwide 5 Year Unlimited Mile NO FAULT Warranty, and (naturally, of course) World-Class Remanufactured Engines/Transmissions. So, if that makes the BEST, then it is only because we care - and we make every effort to intentionally be the best. We do all if this for you - our valued customers - to provide you with the best product at the best price with the best service!
Q →This is all really helpful info, thanks, but I still have questions. How do I contact you?
A: If you already have a Quote #, you may simply fill out our Contact form and we will respond as soon as possible, usually within 1 to 2 business days. If you have not yet completed our quote form, which we recommend you submit for the best possible customer service experience, and you still have questions, we welcome your call toll-free @ 1-844-774-4753 during our normal business hours (M-F 8am-8pm, Sat. 10am-6pm). If you are a current customer and you have an Invoice #, the best way to contact us is via our Support Ticket system in your customer account portal.
Q →What is Return Policy?
A: Order Cancellation: All orders will incur a 25% restock fee if cancelled after placing your order. In addition, if the part has been shipped, you will be liable for the cost of shipping to return the item to us. This only pertains to products which have not been installed. If the product has been installed, we will require a manager to review and decide if the product is eligible for return. Furthermore, it is a requirement that you speak to us in advance before attempting a return.