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Welcome to Remanns where you can find top quality remanufactured engines & transmissions for sale online. Here at Remanns, we sell remanufactured engines & transmissions, not used or rebuilt. Our ability at Remanns to remanufacture engines & transmissions stems on our pride in giving our customers products which match factory specifications, or even in some cases exceed them! Also, we offer a FREE 5 Year No Fault Warranty on most engines! No upsells like some of our competitors, just FREE! We also offer a Free Core Waiver which saves you some additional upfront cash...always a good thing! We strive to provide the customer with the all the value we possibly can here ate

We ensure consumer confidence with the reliability and performance of our remanufactured engines & transmissions. Your purchase is backed by Remanns's 5 Year, Unlimited Mileage, No Fault Warranty that we offer on our remanufactured engines & transmissions.

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We make it easy at Remanns to locate and buy your remanufactured engine & transmission. At the top of the page you can simply fill out our Instant Online Quote Form by filling out the year, make, model and your email. Not only will you be able to see the quote directly after filling out the quote form, you will also receive an email quote with the same information. We promise we will never sell your information and will not spam you with endless emails! - Remanufactured Engine Proccess

Why Buy a Remanufactured Engine or Transmission?

We understand that money is tight and replacing your engine or transmission can be fairly expensive. However, buying replacement engine/transmission ultimately can be more cost efficient than buying a new or used car, truck, van, or SUV. Buying a remanufactured engine or transmission from Remanns not only saves you money in comparison to buying a new or used vehicle, it will be able to put your vehicle back on the road with an engine/transmission matching or exceeding factory specifications.

What are Remanufactured Engine & Transmissions?

There has always been some discrepancy as to what exactly a remanufactured engine or transmission is exactly. Some may ask, "Is it just the same as rebuilt?" Actually, it is not! What exactly makes a remanufactured engine or transmission not rebuilt or used? Remanufactured means to make as new as possible through quality control prcedures which most often will resolve any intital manufacturer defects. Our remanufactured engines & transmissions at Remanns go through a strict process at our Manufacturing Facility that involves the disassembly and assembly of the engine/transmission. New parts are added such as pistons, gaskets, and bearings and more. Engines are spin tested and engine pressure tested after assembly. Transmissions are dynamometer tested to ensure proper pressures and shift quality throughout the operating range. Our professionally trained technicians work diligently through this process to remanufacture engines or transmission to make them match and sometimes exceed factory specifications.